If you are selling some services or products, then it is necessary for you to include prices of all the products and services on your website. Adding tables is tricky in WordPress and pricing tables could be even trickier.

In our previous post we listed some of the best plugins for adding tabular data. This tutorial will show you how to add pricing tables to your WordPress website using a user-friendly plugin.

Adding Pricing Tables to WordPress website

First thing you need to do is install and activate the plugin- Easy Pricing Tables. Easy Pricing Table is one of the best pricing table plugin that creates responsive and highly converting price table.

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Once you activated the plugin, a new menu option called ‘Pricing Table’ is added into your WordPress Admin Panel.


Click on Add Pricing table option. You’ll see the screen like below screenshot:


In the above screenshot you can see number options. In this page you’ll give name to your table, Description of table (defines what table is about), set theme and background color and also set number of columns you want in your table.

Now click on Save Table Button. You will see the screen like below screenshot:


In this page you’ll see the list of already existing tables and a newly created table. Once you’ve created a table, a shortcode of that table is created that you can use anywhere in your post and page where you want to display this pricing table. You can edit your table and remove it. If you want to add a new column in your table you can add it by clicking on Add new Column button.

Once you click on Add new Column button you’ll see a page like below screenshot:


In Edit the Pricing Detail page, you can see various different options:

  • Title: In this section you’ll give name to the column of your pricing table. As for example, we give Lite as title of the column in our table.
  • Price: In this section you’ll define the price according to your product.
  • Pricing feature: In this section you’ll add features of the product. You can add multiple features by clicking on ‘+’ symbol. This will add one more block to add new feature.
  • Time Duration: In this section you’ll set the time duration on the price of your product. For Example, in above screenshot we add per month as time duration. When you see your table it you’ll see as $29/PM where PM stands for per month.
  • Buy Now Text: You can add any text in this section. The text is displayed in the form of button. When user click on this button, he will be able to buy that product.
  • Buy Now URL: This will take you to the URL for further formalities.
  • Table Column Color: You can change the color of the column with this option.
  • Set Priority: In this section you will set the order of the column which column will be displayed first in the column.

Once you fill out and save the information  of all the columns, you’ll see the result like below screenshot:


Now to display this table in any post/page, copy the shortcode of the table into your post or page:


Once you paste the shortcode into post or page where you want to display the table, you’ll see the final result like below screenshot:


That’s all. Now the pricing table is successfully inserted into your post/page. The above mentioned plugin is very easy to use and creates pricing tables within 5 minutes. If you’ve got any queries related to the above tutorial then feel free to ask.

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