Gravatar is a service for managing your global unique avatar using your e-mail address. Automattic integrated this amazing service with WordPress in 2007. A custom Gravatar makes it very easy to identify users around the web. Every time you comment on a blog post, the gravatar shows up. Or when you display author bio on your blog, your custom Gravatar shows up.

Gravatar makes it easier to manage your display picture around the web. But, what if you want to use a different display picture on your WordPress website? Here’s a guide to setting up local gravatar/display image.

Why to use Gravatars?

Adding Gravatar on your WordPress blog builds brand of your blog and helps you to identify the legal and active visitors on your blog. If you post comments on number of site then this Gravatar helps you in increasing number of visitors on your site.

How to add custom Gravatars ?

WP user Avatar is a nifty plugin to enable custom Gravatar on your WordPress blog/site. The plugin allows you to upload any image from your Media Library as an Avatar. You won’t need any extra files, folders or image editing function.

Main Features of this plugin are:

  • Allows contributors and subscriber to upload their own avatars.
  • If you don’t have any WP user avatar image then it shows you default avatar.
  • Also add [avatar] shortcode in your posts which will work with any theme.

Here is a short guide to add custom Gravatar on WordPress using WP user Avatar plugin.

Click on Plugins >> Add New and type WP user Avatar in search box. Click on Search button and install WP user Avatar plugin to your WordPress website. Activate the plugin and click on settings of WP user Avatar. You will see the result like below screenshot:


When you check in “Add Avatar to visual editor” setting, it will display WP user Avatar button in the visual editor. You will see the option like below screenshot:


When you click on this option it will show a window like this:


When you enter the details in the above window, it will add a code at end of your post and display image at the end of post when you publish it.

If you click on “Allow Contributors & Subscribers to upload avatarsthen it will display an option for you. This option allows other users to edit avatars. The option looks like below screenshot:


There is also an option of using local avatars. To use local avatars you will need to disable Gravatars.

You can add custom Gravatar by uploading image of your choice. In this gravatar image you can display any random logo or you can also generate gravatar image on the basis of their e-mail address.


Once you set Gravatar image, you may notice that this Gravatar image will display next to the user’s name. When you visit to any of your post you will see the Gravatar image like below screenshot:


When you click on the Comments in your WordPress admin Panel you will see the result like below screenshot:


When you add shortcode – [avatar] in your post content, it will display the Gravatar.

Using a portrait image as your Gravatar helps you build credibility. If you run a business, you can use your logo for branding purposes. Just like we did in the example above.

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