It’s a good idea to send a confirmation receipt for a user submitted form.

Gravity Forms allows you to automatically send an email to the user after the form is submitted. It also sends notification to an administrator with the contents of form entry.

This tutorial will show you how to send confirmation mail with Gravity Forms to user by configuring notification emails that are sent when a form is submitted.

How to send confirmation mail with Gravity Forms

Gravity Form will record entries in database by default but you need to set up a notification settings to send emails to users. To do this click on Forms in your WordPress Admin area. Now select the form you want to work with it. If you don’t have any form in your list then create the form.

You can also check our previous post on How to create a form using Gravity Forms.


Hover over the Settings and select Notifications from the options. On the resulting page you’ll see multiple notifications. You can either edit existing one or you can click on Add New button to create a new notification.


Now click on Add New button to create new notification. You’ll see the screen like below screenshot:



Notification should be given a name which is for your internal reference. This notification name will be shown on the previous screen.

Send To

This option allows you to set the email address where this notification email will be sent. You’ll find three options: Enter Email, Select a Field and Configuring routing.

  • Enter email allows you to define the email address manually where the email will be sent. If you {admin-email} in this section then it will send notification to the email address you specified in your website setting.
  • Select a Field is used if you have multiple email addresses in your form. With this option you can select email address which receives notification.
  •  Configuring routing allows you to send an email based on the options user selected while completing the form.

From Name and From Email

This section is simply whom the form appears to be sent from. You can set the same value as in your Website contact us form or you can use merge tags that dynamically puts person’s email or name based on what they have filled in their form.

In the above screenshot, we entered admin mail address.

Reply to

Mostly in this field email address is same as mail address in From email field.


I think this field is self explanatory. This field is used when you are sending notifications to multiple people and you don’t want that the original submitter knows about all the receivers who receive that notification.


It is the required and self explanatory field. You can also use merge tags to personalize this field.


MessageType the message that you want to add in your confirmation mail. You can also add user message by using merge tags.

Auto Formatting

When you disable this option all the paragraph breaks will be removed from the text in the message field.

Conditional logic

This section is used when you are receiving large number of emails and you want to reduce the volume. With this field you can create your own rules.

Once you’re done with all the settings click on Update Notifications button. Now when user will submits a form, confirmation email will be sent to him automatically.

Gravity Forms is the easiest and best way to create confirmation email with easy configuration. If you have got any queries feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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  1. Thank you for this!

    I’ve been trying to work this out all week. Finally, I don’t have to try to connect this with Mailchimp or any other systems.

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