It’s a good practice to build an engaging mailing list. A strong mailing list can drive more traffic and increase conversions on your site.

Content is the king. A good mailing list is icing on the cake. Your content, when delivered to right audience can bring in lot more profit.

So, this article will share some simple tips that attracts more visitors to your blog and hence boost your blog subscribers.

1. Use Email Opt-in form to catch email addresses


If your visitors are already reading great content on your website then why don’t they subscribe for more good content? Don’t make it so difficult for them to figure out how to subscribe to your blog. Simply create a pop up opt-in box that makes it easy for them to subscribe your blog.

If pop up appears while reader is reading your post then it would attract them more to subscribe. You can use pop up opt-in plugin like PopupAlly or SumoMe that helps you to turn more visitors on your website to subscribers.

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2. Create a subscription landing page

Create a subscription landing page that helps you to collect more email subscribers and increases conversion rate up to 50%. These subscription landing page gives you a central place to direct traffic for your various email marketing campaigns which further maximize your conversion rates.

These landing pages give extra context where the user is coming from and convert that reader into subscriber.

3. Offer an Incentive

Offer an incentive doesn’t means offering an giveaway or something related to contest. You can offer your visitors something exclusively that increases readers interest in subscribing. You can offer eBook, download, white papers or coupons depending on what your readers want.

Another option to offer an incentive is you can reward those visitors who subscribes your blog via landing page with your exclusive offers.

For example, on our site, we offer a free WordPress theme:

Theme-offer4. Demonstrate the value of Subscribing

If visitors of your website doesn’t find any convincing thing on your website, they won’t come back to time and time again. It is very important to clearly demonstrate the value of subscribing your blog to your visitors. Clearly explain your visitors what they will get after subscribing.

Suppose you create a Call To Action area on the landing page of your website. It will definitely encourage the visitors to subscribe your website.

5. Optimize your blog

Other important way to increase more subscribers is to drive more and more traffic to your blog. If your website has slow loading time, then you’ll miss lots of subscribers. So optimization of website is very important factor to increase subscribers on your website.

The traffic on your website increases only when you optimize your blog and this will result in boosting your subscribers.

6. Leverage Social Proof

It is important to give social proof to your visitors which directly reflects your correct behaviour. You can highlight the number of subscribers that are already subscribed to your blog. This makes the other visitors think that is others have subscribes to the blog, maybe I should too.

7. Change your wording choice

Sometimes wrong choice of words will result you in losing subscribers. In a Buffer App study, one of the participant tested a “Download Now” Button as well as “Get Email Updates” button. He analyzed that Download Now button gets 3 times more signups than a word Get Email Updates.

Willy Franzen wrote on Copyblogger that when he changed wording of subscribe button from “Subscribe by E-mail” to “Get Jobs by E-mail”, he analyzed the following improvement in new subscribers:


So trying out different wording options for your subscribe form will lead to more subscribers to your blog.

8. Lower your Bounce rate

Successful and top-notch blogs always have low bounce rates. Cameron Chapman defined some tips in a post on Kissmetrics blog that lowered his bounce rates under 2% on his blog. If you keep low bounce rate on your blog, you’ll get more page views per visitors which ideally increase your blog subscribers.

9. Make Blog Content Easy to Share

Another way to increase your blog subscribers is to allow your readers to share your content on social networks. You can add social media icons to your blog that enables your visitors to share and promote your blog with your friends on social networks.

This increases visitors on your website and hence increases your blog subscribers. You can use any WordPress plugin to add the social media icons on your blog.

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10. Write consistently

One of the most important factors to get more subscribers easily is publish your blog content consistently. Every visitor on your website wants regularly publishing content. If you don’t publish your content regularly then you’ll loose large number of subscribers.

So, frequently publish your blog content is very important to get more subscribers.

Wrap up

Increase mail subscribers is equally important as writing good content. The above mentioned tips are very important to boost your blog subscribers but to keep your blog successful, it is also very important to write a good content that is valued by your readers.

If we missed any tips you can share with us in comment section below.

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