Image optimization is important because images are essential part of every website to grabs visitor’s attraction. Unfortunately, images also increase the bandwidth, drastically slow down page speed and demolish user experience.

In this situation, image optimization helps you to load your website faster and improve search engine ranking. In this article we’ll show you how to optimize images for your WordPress website using a powerful WordPress plugin. But before that it is very important for you to know what is image optimization and why do we need this.

What is image optimization ?

Image optimization is the process of resolution reduction and compressing image in a proper file format without damaging the image quality. You always have too many images on your website and you never want to eliminate these images from your website. In this case image optimization is used. You can scale your image or compress it.

Image optimization helps you to improve the site performance and often yield some of the largest byte savings.

Why do you need image optimization?

There are mainly three reasons to optimize images:

  • Quickly upload and download images.
  • Reduces page load time and load your website faster.
  • limits the bandwidth usage.

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If you don’t optimize your images, you may waste your precious bandwidth and this will end up costing you money and you can also lose visitors from your website.

If you’re running a large WordPress website where image is your prime concern then you must optimize all the images you uploaded on your website. There are plenty of image optimiing plugin available for WordPress that will help you in making your site fast and SEO friendly.

Imsanity is one of my favorite image optimization plugins for WordPress. This is one of the best plugin to optimize images for your WordPress website. Imsanity is a free plugin that automatically resizes large images to a size that is appropriate for display. One of the best feature of Imsanity plugin is that it has ability to set maximum width, height and quality.

Other important features of Imsanity plugin are:

  • Bulk-resize feature to selectively resize existing images.
  • Automatically scales large image uploads to a more sane images.
  • optionally converts BMP files to JPG.
  • Use WordPress image scaling function.

How to optimize images using Imsanity plugin?

First you’ll need to install Imsanity plugin to your website. You can check our previous post to install a plugin in WordPress. After installing and activating the plugin, click on settings options as shown in below screenshot:


This will take you to the Settings page. There you’ll find number of settings options.


You can set pixels of images according to what image resolution do you want in your post. By default, WordPress allows 1024 X 1024 pixels. You can also modify JPG image quality which is 90 by default. If you decrease this number by 80 or 70, you’ll see slight difference in the quality of image.

If you want to convert BMP image to JPG image then select Yes from drop down menu. Click on Save Changes button to save all the changes.

There is also an option of Bulk Resize images. With this option you can select all the images you want to resize. Simply click on Search images button and select the image you want to optimize.


The image that I checked in the above screenshot is of very high resolution ( 3072 X 2048 pixels). The size of this image is shown in below screenshot:

Hopetoun_falls_jpg_InfoNow click on Resize Checked Images button to resize the selected image. After clicking on this button your image is resized. Now the size of above image after optimizing it is shown in below screenshot:


You can see in the above screenshot that the image is scaled and after scaling the resolution of image is 1024 X 682 pixels and size is reduced to 218 KB.

You can use Bulk Resize option for the images that are already uploaded into your media library. If you upload a thumbnail while writing a post then Imsanity plugin automatically optimize your images if it is already installed in your plugin list.

That’s all. Now you are done with the optimization of images for your website. Just sit back and relax, plugin will do its work automatically and fulfill your requirements. If you’ve any question related to Imsanity plugin or the above tutorial then feel free to ask.

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