Tables are one of the most important element that helps you to present data in comprehensive format. In WordPress you can create tables by writing HTML and CSS syntax. But this method is very time consuming and also not a feasible option. The best way to create and manage tables in your WordPress post is by using Table Plugins for WordPress.

There are plenty of free plugins available on that enables you to create beautiful tables on your website with ease. Here, I have listed some of the powerful table plugins for WordPress to organize your data in tabular form.

1. TablePress


TablePress is a free table plugin for WordPress that allows you to create and manage tables on your WordPress website. The plugin offers an easy interface that allows you to edit table data very quickly and easily. Without any knowledge of HTML, the plugin enables you to create tables with ease. These table may contain any type of data including formulas etc. The plugin is official successor of WP Table Reloaded plugin and written with entirely new structure.

Features of TablePress

  • Show tables in your posts, pages or in text widget using Shortcode.
  • Ability to import and export tables from/to CSV files, HTML files and JSON.
  • Additional javascript library can be used to add features like sorting, pagination, filtering etc.
  • Manage tables in your WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  • Easily add links or images to your tables.
  • Copy and remove the tables easily.

Download TablePress

2. Easy Table


As the name denotes Easy table is the easiest plugin that enables you to insert table in easy way. You do not need to write any HTML syntax to create the tables. The plugin generates table content by using standard CSV Format. You can insert table data directly while writing a new post and hence eliminates the switching to another window.

Features of Easy Table

  • Read data from CSV files and display the data in tables.
  • Include sortable table column using tablesorter jQuery plugin.
  • You can easily switch to text editor without breaking the table data.
  • Display table data into your posts, pages or in text widget.

Download Easy Table

3. FooTable


FooTable is the best jQuery plugin that goals to make HTML tables look awesome and responsive on all devices. No matter how many columns of data you may have , they always remain responsive by using this plugin. The plugin transforms your HTML tables into responsive tables. You can see any hidden data just by clicking one row.

Features of FooTable 

  • Automatically hides certain columns at different sizes.
  • Make all the existing HTML tables responsive.
  • Add sorting, filtering and paging to your tables.
  • Ability to add custom CSS.
  • Integrated with TablePress.

Download FooTable

4. Websimon Tables


Websimon Tables is a free table plugin for WordPress that allows you to design tables within your WordPress Admin Panel. You can unlimited tables and create a unique design for each table according to you.The plugin offers you 10 readymade skins and functionality to create your own custom design for each tables.

The plugin allows you to include tables in post or pages using simple shortcode. You can add images or any HTML code and extend them according to your need.

Features of Websimon Tables

  • Import/Export ftables form/to CSV files.
  • PHP script to display tables directly from your code.
  • Manage tables from your WordPress Admin page.
  • Custom design skin where you can design table as you want to.
  • Create unlimited tables.

Download Websimon Tables

5. Ultimate Tables


Ultimate Tables allows to create and manage tables very easily from the WordPress Administration. You can create tables into posts, pages, articles or in ‘Ultimate Tables’ widget. Once you install and activate the plugin, you’ll create, manage tables and copy the shortcode into your post, pages and articles to display the tables.

Features of Ultimate Tables 

  • Insert multiple tables at once.
  • Insert text or HTML codes inside the cells.
  • Order the table data alphabetically and numerically.
  • Choose from 3 designs or customize.

Download Ultimate Tables 

The above listed free table plugins will help you to create and manage the tables on your website.

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