Dropbox is a well implemented cloud based storage file sharing service. Dropbox provides 2GB of free storage. So, if you want to save on costs. Dropbox is a good option to store backups of your WordPress site.

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WordPress Backup to Dropbox is an astounding plugin available for WordPress that allows you to create automatic backups of your WordPress website to Dropbox.


WordPress Backup to Dropbox is very reliable and handy plugin that lets you to create a backup of your WordPress site to Dropbox in minutes. It is very easy to use plugin that gives you peace in mind that your website is backed up on a regular basis.

Features of WordPress Backup to Dropbox

  • Create automated backups and store them in your Dropbox folder.
  • Provides you an option to schedule your backups.
  • Completely secure plugin.

In this article we’ll show you how to create complete WordPress backup with WordPress Backup to Dropbox Plugin.

How to create WordPress backup with WordPress Backup to Dropbox?

Step 1: Sign in to your Dropbox account if you already have an account else create a new account on Dropbox.

If you already have an account and there is not enough space then you’ve to purchase a plan that allows to create backups of your website.

Step 2: Install and activate the WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin. Since it is a free plugin you simply find the plugin on and install it. You can also visit our previous post on how to install a plugin in WordPress.

Upon activation you’ll see new WPB2D menu in your WordPress admin area like below screenshot:


Step 3: Click on WPB2D option. You’ll see the screen like below screenshot:


Once you clicked on WPB2D option, you’ll be prompted to authorize the plugin with Dropbox to gain the access of your Dropbox account. Click on Authorize button.

Step 4: Set the day and time at which backup to Dropbox is performed. You can also set the frequency how often the backup to Dropbox is to be performed.



You can also select the files and directories that you want to exclude from your backup. Now click on Save Changes button.

Step 5: Click on Backup Monitor option. You’ll see the screen like below screenshot:


Now click on Start Backup button to start the backup process.

Step 6: Once you’ve done with all the settings, a zip folder of your website’s file and database is dropped into your Dropbox account. That’s all you’ve to do to create WordPress Backup to Dropbox. Once you configure all the settings of plugin the backups will be automatically prepared for you.

Backup is a good solution to arm against any security threat. So schedule a backup for your site now.

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