Are you a WordPress fanatic, developer, user or designer? I like to read and I enjoy keeping myself updated with all things WordPress. If WordPress is a part of your business it’s essential to keep yourself posted with latest updates.

Finding best content and updates for WordPress could be a time taking task. So, here i’ve listed some of my favorite blogs where you can find the best WordPress content including daily news, updates, reviews, tutorials and many more.

1. ManageWP

managewp ManageWP is one of the most popular and finest WordPress management portal. Both and the ManageWP blog are great resources for WordPress updates. was launched about a year back in October. It’s a community driven WordPress news site. ManageWP mainly focuses on the daily news of WordPress, tutorials, reviews and many other content related to WordPress.

It allows users to share and vote on stories. The interesting element of ManageWP is Author Karma and Article ranking. Once you’ve registered, you can easily share and vote on the WordPress content. Every time you share your content or vote on another user’s content, you get points. The points you get depend on the content you share and vote for.

2. WP Tavern

WP_Tavern WP Tavern is the leading WordPress blog that mainly focuses on daily WordPress news, reviews of newest plugins, all the major updates and happenings in the WordPress community. It also covers BuddyPress and bbPress regularly.

WP Tavern holds a legacy of being a well-established WordPress news blog. Launched by Jeff Chandler in January, a new mysterious owner was announced in June. It was later in May that the new owner was revealed to be Matt Mullenweg.

Now that you know the owner, I am sure you will find the updates even more interesting.



Torquemag is another popular editorially independent magazine for WordPress news. Published by leading WordPress managed hosting provider - WP Engine, Torque came into action when was shut down. was run by John Saddington of 8BIT but now the domain redirects to

Torque covers all the topics related to WordPress like latest updates about WordPress plugins, reviews, breaking news and discussions on the WordPress related topics.

The main aim of Torque is to connect with the rapidly growing WordPress community from beginners to the people who contribute their content daily on million of sites.


Sometimes, it is vey difficult to find a newsletter that contains your favourite curated content. is one of the most simple newsletter that contains all the latest and relevant articles about WordPress. This is a free newsletter hand-picked by Cristian Antohe.

The newsletter highlights all the latest news, themes releases, plugin news and tutorials about WordPress. Subscribers receive an email on every thursday in a categorized manner. is one of the finest newsletter about WordPress news and updates. To subscribe this newsletter simply signup and you’re done. You never have to visit that website again.

5. Max Foundry


Max Foundry is another hugely popular blog that focusses on the daily updates of WordPress, plugins, opinions, themes and tutorials. You’ll get weekly updates about WordPress on this blog. Max Foundry also offers you newsletter for all the latest news, special offers, discounts and products announcements. Simply enter your email address and subscribe for free newsletter by Max Foundry.

6. Post Status


Post Status is another popular blog mainly for WordPress professionals and lovers to keep themselves updated about WordPress. Post Status covers latest WordPress news, business, design, development, blogging, interviews and many more.

The main aim of Post Status is to provide  people a better  knowledge about WordPress. Post Status is created by Brian Krogsgard.  The blog also consists of guests posts and user submitted stories.

Wrap Up

As they say knowledge has to be improved, challenged and increased constantly, there are lots of ways to increase your knowledege other than books. From the above listed blogs I love where I can find all the news and articles related to WordPress.

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Kriti Jain

Kriti is a passionate blogger and WordPress wanderer. She explores WordPress everyday and shares her findings with the web world.