Deleting posts, pages, users or any other content on a WordPress site could be a time taking task. Deleting this content based on several conditions (like date range or category) could make it even complex.

Bulk Delete is a handy plugin that allows you to bulk delete posts, pages and users. The plugin enables you to delete the posts based on a different options like category, status, tags and more.


Features of Bulk Delete plugin

Bulk Delete Posts


There are different options available to bulk delete posts in WordPress. You can filter posts by post status.

  • You can delete all published posts, draft posts, pending posts, scheduled posts, private posts and sticky posts.
  • You can also enable the option to delete your post permanently or move them to trash.
  • There is another option in Post Status section where you can select the number of posts you want to delete if there are more than 1000 posts.

Once you’re done with these settings click on Bulk Delete button.

By-categoryAnother section is bulk delete posts by category.

  • You can filter out the category whose posts you want to delete. Select the post type whose category post you want to delete.

Other filtering settings are same as in the post status. Simply enable the options according to your need and click on Bulk Delete button.

You can also delete posts by giving their permalink and select the option to delete the post permanently or move them to trash. There is also an option to bulk delete all the post revisions.

Bulk Delete Pages


Another feature Bulk Delete offers you is bulk delete the pages from your WordPress website.

  • You can bulk delete all the published pages, draft pages, scheduled pages, pending pages or private pages.
  • You can also define the number of pages you want to delete.
  •  Enable the option whether you want to delete the pages permanently or move them to trash.
  • There is an option to define the number of days so that the pages older than those days will be deleted.

There are two more options to schedule and repeat the delete process. These options are available only in Pro Addon. So you need to buy this.

Bulk Delete Users

Bulk_Delete_UsersIf there are more than one user who access your website’s admin area then there is an option to delete to bulk delete those users.

  • Define the number of days to delete the users who haven’t logged in the last days that you defined. It needs simple Login Log plugin.
  • Option to delete those users who doesn’t have any post.
  • If there are more than 1000 users then you can define the number of users you want to delete.

Schedule and repeat options are available with Pro Addon.

Bulk Delete Meta fields


  • In this section you can delete post meta fields, comment meta field and user meta fields by providing post meta key.
  • There is an option to delete the posts, comments and users based on post meta key name and value. This option is available with Pro Addon only.

Bulk Delete Misc

In this section you can bulk delete all the Jetpack contact from messages. To do this you’ve to install and activate Jetpack plugin in your WordPress website.

Scheduled Jobs

This option is available when you buy Pro Addons. With this option you can schedule auto deleting posts and user in the Bulk Delete plugin.

Addon License

In this section you’ll find the list of Addons that are currently registered with Bulk Delete plugin. You can see the full list of Pro Addons that are available for purchase here. The full list of Addons that are available at the plugin site is here.

This is one of the easiest plugin available on that help you in bulk delete operations. As you can see the plugin provides you an comprehensive and flexible way for bulk deletion process. You can delete any irrelevant post, comments and pages from your WordPress website easily with Bulk Delete plugin.


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