It is a good practice to clean up and optimize WordPress database. Regular clean up and optimization can improve the overall performance as well. Using PHPMyAdmin could be a tedious task

So here we have a list of best plugins to optimize WordPress database. These will make your life easier.

1. WP-Optimize


WP-Optimize is one of the most popular and effective WordPress optimization tool to optimize WordPress database. The plugin allows you to remove post revisions, spam, unapproved comments, trackbacks and pingbacks and much more in a few clicks. With this extensive plugin you can easily remove unwanted data from your database and make it clean.

The plugin doesn’t require phpMyAdmin to clean and optimize your database. It is the mobile friendly plugin which means you can optimize your site from mobile devices.

Features of WP-Optimize

  • Remove the WordPress post revisions.
  • Remove all trackbacks and pingbacks from your site.
  • Remove all the comments in the spam queue.
  • Display database table statistics which shows how much space is optimized in your database.
  • Apply MySQL commands on your database table without using phpMyAdmin.

Download WP-Optimize

2. WP-DBManager


WP-DBManager is  allows you to remove unwanted tables from your database and keep it clean and optimized. The plugin has intuitive interface for non-technical users. So, you can quickly optimize your database.

The plugin also allows you to repair, restore, delete and backup database and drop/empty tables and run selected queries. WP-DBManager offers many features that you will require once in a while.

Features of WP-DBManager

  • Allows you to quickly find which table has ton of records and delete that table.
  • Keep backup of your database.
  • Allows you to download the backup of your database and helps you in restoring your blog in future.
  • Provides an option to select the table that you want to optimize.

Download WP-DBManager

3. Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions

This is a one-click plugin to optimize your WordPress database. The plugin removes all the extra revisions, transients, spam comments and unused tags. It also manages a log file.

It is very simple and easy to use plugin with intuitive interface. Each and every step of customization is customizable. You can also select which database are included in optimization process.

Features of Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions

  • Automatically clears posts/pages to trash.
  • Setup revisions limit for every post.
  • Execute MySQL optimized command against all WordPress database tables.
  • Delete spam comments.

Download Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions

4. DB-Optimize

DB-Optimize is another great plugin that runs an optimize table command on your WordPress tables and defragment the database. The plugin allows you to optimize your WordPress database with a single click.

The plugin is helpful for those tables that are frequently updated. There is no need to use phpMyAdmin. The plugin automatically optimize the tables of your database and reduce the load of database.

Features of DB-Optimize

  • Repairs the tables if it has deleted rows.
  • Sorts the index pages.
  • Updates the table statistics if not up to date.

Download DB-Optimize

I hope you find this article helpful. It is highly recommended to keep backup of your database before optimizing your WordPress database using the above mentioned plugin.

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  1. My database is overweight with over 4000 tables and I want to remove the tables that aren’t being used or are left-over by old deleted plugins. The problem is that I can’t figure which table belongs to which plugin. Is there a plugin that can tell you which table is for what plugin so I can identify it and delete it?

    • Puneet Sahalot says:

      Hi Serge,
      It will be best to hire an experienced developer for this sort of job. Working directly with the database can cause serious issues on your site.