WordPress shortcodes provide you an easy way to add any type of functionality or custom content on your WordPress website. You can insert any type of element using these shortcodes.

In this article we’ve collected some great, free and nifty shortcode plugins for WordPress.

Best WordPress Shortcode Plugins

1. Shortcodes Ultimate

Shortcode Ultimate is one of the most popular shortcode plugins in WordPress plugin repository with over 974,073 downloads. It is a free plugin and comes with mega pack of shortcodes. The plugin helps you to create tabs, buttons, different sliders, responsive videos and more.

Features of Shortcode Ultimate

  • 50+amazing shortcodes.
  • Custom CSS editor with syntax highlight.
  • Rich API
  • Shortcode Generator.

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2. WordPress Shortcodes

WordPress Shortcodes is an amazing WordPress shortcode plugin. It brings some beautiful set of elements. The intuitive interface of the plugin allows you to insert lists, buttons, message boxes etc. on your site.

The plugin also allows you to add many default shortcodes into your posts and pages. It creates SEO ready tab on your website.

Feature of WordPress Shortcodes

  • 26+ shortcodes and different element.
  • Tabs are SEO friendly and work flawlessly without java script.
  • Shortcode editor allows easy insertion in post or pages.
  • Link shortcodes make importing and exporting content across sites much more reliable.
  • Shortcode to hide content for adding comments and notes to posts and pages.

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3. Easy Bootstrap Shortcode

Easy Bootstrap Shortcode allows you to add icons to your WordPress editor. The plugin enables you to add bootstrap 3.0.3 styles in your pages, post and custom post in an easy manner.

This WordPress shortcode plugin has shortcodes for tabs, panel, list, responsive slider, description list, button group and much more.

Features of Easy Bootstrap Shortcode

  • 500+ Font-Awesome & Glyphicons Icon Fonts.
  • No need to paste shortcode in editor.
  • Customize grid size on small, extra-small and medium sized screens.
  • Add icons to editor.
  • Shortcode added to editor by clicking on icon.

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4. Shortcoder

Shortcoder allows you to create custom shortcodes and store HTML, java script and other snippets in it. You can then use these shortcodes in your post or page.

The plugin is very handy as it can be used to add advertisement on your website. It also embeds videos and other medias on your site.

Features of Shortcoder

  • Create custom shortcodes easily and add them in WordPress post or page.
  • Use any kind of HTML as shortcode content.
  • Visual editor for adding shortcode contents.
  • Globally disable the shortcode when not needed.

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5. Simple Shortcodes

Simple Shortcodes is one of the easiest WordPress shortcode plugins that adds new icon in your visual editor. It enables you to insert commonly used shortcodes for columns, buttons, toggles, tabs, notifications and much more on your website.

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All the above mentioned plugins help you to take full control over your content. These plugins add extra functionality in the appearance of your website and let you to create your own custom shortcodes.

Do you use any of the above mentioned plugin? Or did we miss something? Please share with us.

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