Now-a-days, it has become very essential to create a websites which are compatible for all kind of devices including mobile, desktop and tablets. Many users access the content from their mobile devices. So it is necessary for you to create mobile-friendly websites to generate more and more leads.

There are two ways to create mobile responsive websites either you can use any responsive themes for your website or use a mobile responsive plugin available on We’ve already published a post on Free Responsive themes for WordPress.

In this article we’ll show you 5 free mobile plugins for WordPress which help you to create a mobile responsive website.

1. WPtouch


WPtouch is one of the most popular mobile plugins available for WordPress. The plugin automatically  transforms your website into application special template theme thats adjust your website on mobile devices. There is no need to modify the code of your regular desktop theme after installing the plugin.

It also reduces the size of images and posts so that it will take less time in loading when viewed from the mobile devices. WPtouch includes an admin panes which allows user to change the appearance of website and make it user-friendly to connect the mobile visitors.

Features of WPtouch plugin

  1. Offers you an option to switch to the regular theme from mobile only theme.
  2. Provides 5 times faster theme than desktop or responsive themes.
  3. Delivers an user-friendly and fast website without affecting your regular website theme.
  4. The plugin has CSS interface that makes theme load fast and look great on mobile devices.

WPtouch is also available in pro version which starts from $49 and includes features like security updates, cloud theme, 1 year of professional support and more.

Download WPtouch

2. WP Mobile Detector


WP Mobile Detector plugin detects the device accessing your website and loads a compatible WordPress mobile theme according to the device. The plugin automatically differentiate the standard mobile phone and smartphone. WP Mobile Detector plugin offers you an installer that automatically configure all the settings. You just need to install the plugin and activate it.

The plugin includes jQuery framework themes like Jaster mobile, Anakin mobile, Casper mobile and more. This plugin gives the mobile visitors of your website a better user experience.

Features of WP Mobile Detector

  1. Automatic detection of mobile devices.
  2. Detects 5000+ mobile devices.
  3. Automatically formats the content and resize images.
  4. Include seven mobile themes pre-installed.

The plugin also has Pro version available at the starting price of $50.

Download WP Mobile Detector

3. WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0+


WordPress Mobile Pack is one of the most powerful plugin that makes your WordPress website even more suitable to all kind of mobile devices. The plugin contains mobile switcher feature that allows you to switch the mode from mobile to desktop.

The plugin also allows you to deliver your content across the platforms and operating system. The plugin detects the device and browser both and resize the images according to that. It also split your content into different pages according to the browser and devices.

Features of WordPress Mobile Pack

  1. Offers your readers an exceptional reading experience by giving them mobile web application with a native app-like look & feel.
  2. Provides you an option to select your favourite theme and also to customize the theme that suits your website’s identity.
  3. Integrated with Google Analytics.
  4. Sort your post corresponding to their categories.

Download WordPress Mobile Pack

4. MobilePress

MobilePress is a WordPress mobile plugin that renders your WordPress website on mobile devices. The plugin loads the specific theme for specific browsers and devices. It also allows the WordPress theme developer to develop a custom mobile themes for WordPress websites/blogs using MobilePress plugin.

MobilePress is one of the easiest and simplest plugin to make your website mobile-friendly. You just need to install and activate the plugin and your work is done. The plugin is integrated with which allows you to add ads from the biggest mobile ad networks like Admob, Quattro Wireless etc.

With this plugin you can create and manage your own ads. The plugin also integrated with Audit analytics that allows you to track the visitors of your website.

Download MobilePress

5. WP Mobile Edition


WP Mobile Edition allows you to mobilize your WordPress WordPress site. The plugin is very simple and easy to use and compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows phone. The plugin has special mobile theme which is already stored for all mobile devices so when someone visits your website it simply loads the specific mobile theme. Not only this it also allows you full optimization of your website.

Features of WP Mobile Edition

  1. Offers you mobile switcher functionality which automatically detects whether the visitor of your website is mobile or not. If yes, then it switches the theme and loads the mobile theme.
  2. Equipped with a mobile ad, you can put any ads scripts and it will appear on your mobile version.
  3. Automatically optimize your site for SEO.

Download WP Mobile Edition

Well, these are some best mobile plugins for WordPress that I recommend you to use. WP detector is one of the easiest and best plugin to mobilize any WordPress website.

Did we miss anything? Do you want to add any mobile plugin in our list? Leave a comment to add a plugin.

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