For any online business, taking advantage of live chat plugins is a good idea. These live chat plugins not only put you in direct contact with your customers but also creates a community of potential customers around you.

Live chat is very important now-a-days because every customer wants a quick response for their queries. This makes your customer happy and satisfied with your business. According to a research, 64% of UK shoppers would prefer live chat versus calling for customer support.

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Best Live Chat Plugins For WordPress

In this article, we’ve listed some best live chat plugins for WordPress which are very helpful for your business and helps you to stay connected with your visitors.

1. ClickDesk Live Support

ClickDesk Live support is one of the most popular and the fastest live chat plugins for WordPress. The plugin allows web visitors to click to call and voice chat with you directly from their browsers or by dialling local access number available in 40+ countries.

It manages your emails and offline chats with the new integrated help desk. You can answer live chats from online agent panel, Google Talk and Skype.

Features of ClickDesk Live support

  • Combo of fastest Live chat, Help Desk, Voice Chat and Social toolbar.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Live chat conference.
  • See websites visitors real-time in Dashboard.
  • Fully compatible on mobile devices and tablets.

Download ClickDesk Live Support

2. Zopim Live Chat

Zopim Live Chat is another popular live chat plugin available for WordPress. The plugin allows you to monitor and chat with the visitors while they are in the process of making purchase. The plugin manages several conversation at a time.

It also let you answer your customer’s question in real-time and ease them into purchase.

Features of Zopim Live Chat

  • Completely mobile optimized. Customers can chat with you from  any device.
  • Analytics dashboard lets you analyse your visitors flow.
  • Allows you to set trigger to reach to each visitor automatically.

Download Zopim Live Chat

3. Quick Chat

Quick Chat is a self hosted live chat plugin available for WordPress. The plugin supports private chat, chat rooms, avatars, user list, words filtering, smilies, caching plugins and more. It is a self hosted plugin which means your chat messages are stored in your local database and under your control.

Since the plugin is managed in your local database, there is no limit of number of chat users and messages.

Features of Quick Chat

  • Allows admin users to instantly ban chat participant IP from chat.
  • Admin users can easily download chat rooms transcripts.
  • Can filter bad words from your chat room.
  • You can set timeout for disabling updates to inactive user.
  • Supports unlimited number of separate chat rooms.

Download Quick Chat

4. Casengo Live Chat Support

Casengo Live Chat Support is another popular live chat plugin available for WordPress. The plugin allows you to add Live chat to your WordPress website very easily and quickly. With this plugin you can manage the questions via Twitter, email, live chat or Facebook directly to your website.

It is an amazing combination of Live chat and email which lets you answer the questions faster.

Features of Casengo Live Chat Support

  • Available as Mobile app. You can use this plugin on smartphones.
  • Allow you to change look and feel of change button and form.
  • Increase online conversion by automatically a chat window after 5 seconds.
  • Manage multiple websites.
  • Easily ask co-workers to help out.

5. Live Chat By Flyzoo

Live Chat By Flyzoo is one of the best free Live chat plugins available for WordPress. The plugin supports live support, Group chats, real time monitoring, private chat, chat rooms and grow your community. You can set up live customer support and chat rooms for your visitors.

With this plugin, you can customize colors, features and online/offline greeting messages.

Features of Live Chat by Flyzoo

  • Live support for all customers and visitors.
  • Give direct access to chat rooms by embedding them into pages.
  • Real-time visitors tracking.
  • Allows you to browse and chat at the same time.
  • Cloud-based chat built on the latest technologies to ensure a fast chat message delivery without overloading your server.

Download Live Chat by Flyzoo

I hope you’ve found the aforementioned live chat plugins useful for your business website. These live chat plugins not only make interaction with your visitors but also helps you to converting visitors in an easy manner.

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  1. Hi Kriti,

    Very well compiled article here with all the chat service providers.
    I would like to introduce ChatNox to your readers and also would be great to hear what you think of our product too.

    Help us spread the word :)

    Nicole (Co-founder @ChatNox)

  2. Aurelie Chazal says:

    “64% of UK shoppers would prefer live chat versus calling for customer support” Wow I didn’t know the number was that high. It’s really encouraging for the live chat industry in Europe :).

    We just released our live text and video chat WP plugin few days ago and can’t wait to see it used by small WordPress online stores.
    You have some of our favorite tools in your list (ones who inspired us). I also saw a lot of posts about Tidio chat lately, have you ever heard of them? I know they have a much more basic solution than Zopim, Live Chat or we do but it seems to attract WP customers.