Guest blogging is an effective way of building your online presence and credibility in your niche. In simplest terms, it allows you to write for someone else’s blog.

While you may write for popular blogs, you might also like to invite others and share the love. There are some WordPress plugins to help you open your doors for other bloggers.

Best Guest Blogging Plugins For WordPress

I would like to share some best guest blogging plugins for WordPress. These guest blogging plugins makes your WordPress work even more better than before.

1. Really Simple Guest Post Plugin

Really Simple Guest Post is one of the simplest and easiest guest blogging plugins to generate guest posting. The plugin allows your visitors to submit their posts without any registration. With this plugin, anyone can submit post and it will be added as pending post.

The submitted posts include author name, email address, author url, post title, description, categories and keyword tags.

Features of Really Simple Guest Post Plugin

  • Simple and User-friendly.
  • Moderator will be able to review and approve them as needed.
  • Author Name, Author url and email will be added as custom field.
  • Create a form where your guests can submit their posts using shortcode.

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2. Peter’s Collaboration E-mails

Peter’s Collaboration E-mails is one of the greatest and effective guest blogging plugins for WordPress. If you want effective management with your guest bloggers then Peter’s Collaboration E-mails is right for you.

The plugin automatic email notifications to the guest bloggers about the status of their post. If you take any action to a particular post then guest author of that post will be notified as whether his post is in pending state, approved or scheduled.

Features of Peter’s Collaboration E-mails

  • When a Contributor user submits an article for review: The plugin e-mails a list of approvers of your choice, letting them know that there is a post ready for review, and giving them a link to edit the post.
  • Also when a post is approved: the approver user ID is stored as a custom field “approver_user_id”.

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3. User Submitted Posts

User Submitted posts is another guest blogging plugin that enables your visitors to submit posts and images anywhere on your site. The plugin adds a form into your posts and pages using shortcodes or templates. With the help of this form user can submit posts and images.

Features of User Submitted Posts

  • Let visitors submit posts from anywhere on your site.
  • Option to set submitted images as featured images.
  • Option to use WP’s built-in rich text editor for post content.
  • Post submissions may include title, tags, category, author, url, post and images.
  • Includes input validation and customizable captcha and hidden field to stop spam.

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4. Peter’s Post Notes

Peter’s Post Notes is a very great guest blogging plugin for WordPress that works in collaboration with Peter’s Collaboration E-mails plugin. The plugin allows you to add notes to during reviewing, editing your own or guest writer’s post.

The plugin will notified the guest author when you’re writing a note while reviewing one of the guest post of respective author.

Features of Peter’s Post Notes

  • Add panel to the sidebar of the edit post/page screen. User can keep note for themselves or others and keep track of these notes.
  • Show summary of the most recent notes on the dashboard.
  • Allows you to add general and private notes you desire.

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5. My Blog Guest

My Blog Guest is one of the best and simplest guest blogging plugins for WordPress. The plugin integrates your WordPress blog or website with which is a community to receive and submit guest posts for your website.

With this plugin, you can create number of guest posts without even asking to others. To install the plugin on your dashboard you need to create account on

Features of My Blog Guest

  • Doesn’t store your private information like login id or password. Completely safe.
  • You can view the available articles from MyBlogGuest Articles Gallery in the ‘Find Articles’ section.
  • Import articles into draft.
  • Allows authors to effortlessly find great blogs to publish their guest articles.
  • Allows blog owners to diversify their blog content with constant stream of relevant infographics.

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6. Guest Posts

Guest post is another easy guest blogging plugin for WordPress. The plugin allows unregistered user or readers to post on your blog. The plugin will create a form through which your visitors can submit their posts.

These submitted posts include authors Name and email as custom field. With the help of these details you’ll be display the author’s name in a publishes to give him credit back.

Features of Guest Posts

  • Saves posts directly in your WordPress database and show on your dashboard as pending posts.
  • Simple to install and use.
  • Allow you to change the look and feel of the form.
  • Allows you to show a custom Thank You message after submitting the post.

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I hope the above mentioned guest blogging plugins helps you in improving the guest blogging experience on your WordPress website/blog. You can install any plugin from the above guest blogging plugins and make guest blogging easy for you as well as guest bloggers.

Do you use any plugin from the above mentioned guest blogging plugins. Please share with us.

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